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Manual Adjustments

Assists with correcting painful and restricting movements.

Performance Supplements

Helps support the body’s function & production of glutathione for energy.

Insoles and Socks

Utilizing human performance technology (HPT) available in store.


Our Patients Love Us

After being here at BodyAdjust, I have talked to several people… and I believe in it enough that I have cards in my wallet that I pass out to prospective clients. If BodyAdjust can do for them what he has done for me, it would be a great thing!
Grant Schieck

Patient, BodyAdjust

“Since I’ve come to BodyAdjust, I feel that it’s really helped to limber me up; I’m not as sore anymore. And if I do get that feeling, I do come here and I feel that I am helped.”
Caroline Wagler

Patient, BodyAdjust

I woke up one morning with my shoulder in a lot of pain. Since coming to BodyAdjust, my shoulder has greatly improved; it’s made it possible for me to be able to work and not be coming home completely exhausted from pain.”
Mary-Lynn Gannon

Patient, BodyAdjust

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